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the LIST 


The List is the story of one woman’s journey to find out what life is really about. Unexpected circumstances and one could say “fate,” lead her on a ride which forces her to see who she really is. Now, with that knowledge, she is left asking, “How do I continue to live in the life I had?”

Mallory embarks on an adventure with her supportive, fearless and funny friend, Alysia. Neither of them have any idea of what is to occur. Mallory begins to understand what life can be about, if she has the audacity to embrace it. Accepting how to live it and how to adjust from her old ways to this new sense becomes her focus.

Her story includes her relationship with her children and the life she had, romance, sex, fun escapades, snowmobiles and a life and death adventure that leads her to a better understanding of who she is and is becoming. Anyone who has been on the verge of a pivoting change in their life will find her story warm, engaging and inspiring.

Because, she is like all of us. We can all learn to be more fearless, more courageous and most difficult of all, more self-empowered in order to be truly alive.