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"The Energetic Invocations Audio Series" is a unique experience to join the authors in conversation about Energetic Invocations: A Book of Vibrational Change. Each segment includes the book sections along with invocations read by the authors. In addition, a special Authors Cut™ divulges the origination of the process and the energetic background behind it. For the first time ever, you may experience the authors' rendition of their material along with the conversational who, what, how and why it occurs. -  A Production of EI Alliance​

(Disclaimer: The authors do not dispense medical advice or prescribe any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional or mental problems, and encourage all to obtain the expertise and medical advice of a trusted physician, therapist or practitioner, as is appropriate. Information is shared of a general nature in a conversational way to possibly assist in others’ quest for change and no responsibility is assumed for others’ actions. Information and viewpoint are presented and discussed to encourage peaceful thought and reflection and are shared in a conversational way to possibly assist in others’ quest for understanding, contemplation and change, and no responsibility is assumed for others’ actions. Comments provide creative commentary and do not dispense any suggestions, course of action or advice, and do not publicly provide candidate or party support or endorsement.)

What's Next?  Ei Publishing's   Julie Bonetti & Susan Barbaro ​

discuss, analyze & have an energized  conversation about:​ 

"Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tzu, "The Yellow Emperor"  by Huangdi , 

Norman Vincent Peale's works, and more!

"Ancient Texts - The Genealogy of Energy:" A fresh look at some old texts regarding life, energy and truths. A conversation, a discussion and an analysis, by Julie Bonetti and Susan Barbaro. Have fun with us as we discuss these books and bring the conversation into the 21st Century! Join us for a nonexpert, everyday person analysis to utilize the energy in a more powerful way. Clink on the link above or below for all podcasts.  © 2018


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Let's Talk About Energy, Ours & Yours

It’s time we open up to the idea of talking about energy. Not the energy we dig for, or plug a lamp into, but the energy that is around us and within the cosmos. The energy that is right in front of our faces. We are willing to tap into our energy, are you willing to tap into your own? ​

Energetic Invocations:

A Book of Vibrational Change

"Oprah! Can You Hear Me?" Oprah vs. Donald 2020. Is it going to happen? Podcasts asking if Oprah can beat Donald Trump . . . and HOW she can! Explore winning using Science & Energy. We'd love to see you run Oprah! Give a listen, what do you think? Click on the link above or below to find all the podcasts! © 2018

The Kybalion: A Conversation

A conversation, a discussion and an analysis, by Ei Publishing's

Julie Bonetti and Susan Barbaro, about what is and is NOT said in the book

"The Kybalion," by Three Initiates. Join us for a nonexpert, everyday person analysis

to utilize the energy in a more powerful way. 

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"The Kybalion" is intriguing & we discuss what the energy principles could mean & how to live with them and utilize them to work with energy!

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