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​​​​​​​​“Our Voices Series”​ 
by Brenda Sands-Lavoie

"Our Voices Series: Do You Want to be a Successful Parent?" 

This book addresses the issue of raising confident children in a dis-empowering world.  

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Who decides if you or I am a successful parent?

Society is firm in its judgment, yet, ultimately we decide for ourselves. Blah, blah, blah, we have all heard this before. This book asks you something else - what standards are you using to make that judgment? If those guidelines are the same ones that society demands, then guess what, society still has you confused.

Do you really understand that? You might be basing your situation on "statistics," and who is the perfect "robot" in society.

Guess what? You most likely have a square peg, and if you push and try to make it fit in society's round hole, it will never work. It's time to stop worrying about what everyone else says, thinks or believes.

Our kids need us to be strong, vibrant and clear. With that support, and a different mindset, neither of you will feel out of place. Are you ready to explore and challenge what you and your kids can really become?

“Our Voices Series” highlights authors with out-of-the-box ideas that are different from societal norms which are not working. These are thought-provoking voices with a refreshing look at persistent problems.