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​​​​​​​​“Our Voices Series”​ 
by Brenda Sands-Lavoie

"Our Voices Series: Why do we Beat Ourselves up over Relationships?"

This book addresses the issue of dependent relationships, dysfunctional relationships and how we can change them.  

Everyone says they are tired of negative people, so how do you deal with them? What do you do if they do not leave you alone? And if the topic moves towards romantic relationships, that becomes even more entangled.

Tough issues, we all deal with them, be it a family member, co-worker, boss, or clerk who has an attitude and feels empowered by making you wait in line. This book cannot make those people go away, but it does offer some thoughts about dealing with these people in a way that frees YOU.

For instance: if you tell someone NO, you won't do something. Do you realize the one person who really needs to hear that, understand that, and act upon that is YOU? So, if it's just you, then the person that you really need to convince is you. Ah, you hold the power, nobody else.

This book looks at relationships and helps the reader to look at them differently. This book provides you with something to think about, what you do with it, is completely your choice.

“Our Voices Series” highlights authors with out-of-the-box ideas that are different from societal norms which are not working. These are thought-provoking voices with a refreshing look at persistent problems. 


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