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Yes, we are back and this time adding Omarosa to the fringe of chaos surrounding an Oprah run. Have you read her book? We share a little of the energy of that along with the science and energy surrounding the Presidency that President Trump has restructured. The ego, politics and persuasion are all a part of the game.

"Oprah! Can You Hear Me?" Oprah vs. Donald 2020. Is it going to happen? Podcasts asking if Oprah can beat Donald Trump . . . and HOW she can! Explore winning using Science & Energy. We'd love to see you run Oprah! Give a listen, what do you think? Click on the link above or below to find all the podcasts! © 2018

We continue our discussion using science principles to win the 2020 Presidential Election. We discuss how President Trump used these principles to win, and how Oprah, should she choose to run, can win as well. Listen as we explore Schrodinger's Cat, atoms, frequency and Einstein. Do you think she'll do it?

You don't want to miss this last podcast. The last 4 Principles discussed relate to perception, observation, Chi and the final Principle, "The only thing constant is change." Join the Chaos and watch it transform into order. What order looks like is anyone's guess. Oprah?!

(Disclaimer: The authors do not dispense medical advice or prescribe any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional or mental problems, and encourage all to obtain the expertise and medical advice of a trusted physician, therapist or practitioner, as is appropriate. Information is shared of a general nature in a conversational way to possibly assist in others’ quest for change and no responsibility is assumed for others’ actions. Information and viewpoint are presented and discussed to encourage peaceful thought and reflection and are shared in a conversational way to possibly assist in others’ quest for understanding, contemplation and change, and no responsibility is assumed for others’ actions. Comments provide creative commentary and do not dispense any suggestions, course of action or advice, and do not publicly provide candidate or party support or endorsement.)

Part 1 are you ready? We delve deep into the science of winning the 2020 Election. Oprah listen as we discuss the following 4 principles and how you should use them. 1. Power of Positive Thinking  2. Isaac Newton's First Law of Inertia  3. When you look at something you change the way it behaves. 4. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.  It appears as though President Trump has gotten this, he's President. Let's get her done!

OPRAH! Can You Hear Me? Oprah vs. Donald 2020

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Does Oprah Need to Man-Up? And what does that mean!? We entertain ourselves and you this time around sending out the challenge, as women, to redefine the role of the presidency, this time as a woman, just being a full-fledged woman. If you are not limited by gender, you too may start hashtagging #ladyup to spread the energy and possibility of Oprah, you know where.

Listen as we continue the conversation about Oprah running for President. Excerpts include: "Oprah is the Queen of Self Help. Is it really working Oprah? Are you still searching?" "Self help industry is garbage. Bullying, Opioid Crisis, if you are going to change it, you have to do something different." "Empower the person. Either change the world, or keep it in the same old, same old." Explore as we continue to discuss the use of science and energy to win the Presidency of the United States. Is it really possible?


Just for Fun, is just that, fun. But don't be surprised if after listening you might actually want Oprah to run. Excerpts include: 
"There are 12 Science Principles, or in your vernacular, Ah-Hah moments, and you will go Ahh-Hah! That's the way to get to the White House." "We can't cry boo-hoo me too, if we want to win." "Oprah if you're gonna run for president you need to be in the RIGHT Energy." Listen as we have fun discussing possibility.

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