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​​Science can explain a lot of things – from the laws of physics to the planetary movements. There are some things that still elude science, and science itself confirms that certain phenomena are beyond the standard laws as we know them. The laws of physics exist, and are accurate, however we cannot determine that they are complete. How and what does that say for us here, and how we live? 

What is possible if we open our minds? What can be done, if we went beyond the laws of science and physics? We are not crazy, and can say, with science behind us, that indeed, we are not. Ready to explore science in a new way and relate it to the energy that we love to explore? You may not agree completely with us, but you will find it hard to prove we are wrong. 

Explore science and see what hypothesis you come up with. 


​​Everyone loves to talk about energy. It stems from the beginning of time. Who are we? Where did we come from? Are the answers in the stars, or are the answers right in front of us? Describing and working with energy is like describing and working with your breath. Difficult, but with some patience and work, it can be done. 

We are energy workers and find our passion lies within the energy we use. People around us and whom we meet want to hear more and learn more, and it is our love to describe what it is we do. We put together a three part series to help the novice understand energy more, and access his or her own energy. There is one mission we have, and that is to let everyone know that they have access to the same energy. There is no need to have someone access your own, you simply need to know how. 

Have fun and watch what happens. 



So if you read the first two books on energy, by now you understand the energy, where it comes from, why it is so important to all of us, so now what? 

Maybe you want to access more of it. Maybe you want to be more psychic. Maybe you want to change your view of your life and live more authentic – or maybe not. It’s your choice. So, if it is your choice and you are reading this, you must want more. Of course you want more, who would not want more of something that feels so different, yet makes you feel more alive? How do you feel more alive and access more of this energy? 

Let’s move into the more and push ourselves to further explore this energy!