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Energetic Invocations Series:

A Book of Vibrational Change


Part 5 - World

By Julie Bonetti and Susan Barbaro

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Energetic Invocations: A Book of Vibrational Change Series 
Part Five - World
(with potent Process This™ components)

“When do I measure time?” the first section makes the assumption you have done the work on yourself (see Volumes 1 - 3 on “Self”), and your journey in life (see Volumes 4 – 7 on “Journey”), have started to deal with the people around you (see Volumes 9 - 11) and you are incorporating these changes in your environment (see Volumes 12 – 14) and believe that you now want to bring it into the world, your world. This is a fun chapter and it looks at science and nature, and questions the whole reliance on time and society’s overindulgence of the subject of time. Is time absolute? Can time travel work for you? Can you really make time be on your side? The science and analysis in this chapter will leave you wondering about what you have always believed about time and space. Once you have finished this move onto the final three chapters in this series which address incorporating all the previous chapters into your own world. They attempt to help the reader to bring together all the concepts learned, in a balanced way, and challenge the reader with the final question of truth. The truth for each reader is different, and the hope is that you find your own truth, and continue to ask and search for it, for yourself.

“How do I stay balanced in the real world?” Just as the title states, how does the reader live with this new information they have on themselves and stay in balance, when those around have not changed? This can be a struggle but finding a way to achieve this balance is possible. It is a practice, not a Zen-thing, but a practice. You must practice the techniques, each time you are challenged. Achieving balance is more than possible, and it is at this point that you may laugh, cry and cringe, but also revisit this chapter over and over. By living it and doing the consistent work to achieve balance the authors came to understand this. 

“What is the truth?” The truth for each reader is different, and the hope is that you find your own truth, and continue to ask and search for it, for yourself. You owe it to yourself to find your own truth, and what anyone else says, including the authors, is irrelevant!

These sections will help you to uncover your own hidden truths about yourself, and will help you to change the way you live. When you finish this section you should then move onto the following sections, which explore: your journey, the people in your life, the environment in which you exist, and finally how to incorporate this into your world. Invest in yourself, if you are not willing to do that, don’t expect anyone else to. 

The book and series, “Energetic Invocations: A Book of Vibrational Change,” will change your way of thinking without the need of an outside Guru. This is not a self-help series, it is a self-empowerment journey. Are you frustrated with negative people, nonstop bullying, harassment and the loneliness that you feel in the world as you see it? This book and series taps into the energy within you so you can live life and be happy and fulfilled for no one else’s benefit other than your own. You are a part of the growing yet silent majority who feels the same way you do. Make your voice louder by investing in yourself. This book was designed to provide the reader with a process. You will get out of it, what you put into it. “You were meant to be you” (page 16), so isn’t it time for you to do just that?