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Energetic Invocations Series:

A Book of Vibrational Change


Part 3 -People

By Julie Bonetti and Susan Barbaro

Energetic Invocations: A Book of Vibrational Change Series 
Part Three - People
(with potent Process This™ components)

“How do I perceive relationships?” We could not go without addressing the people in your life that create havoc. This section makes the assumption you have done the work on yourself (see Volumes 1 - 3 on “Self”), and your journey in life (see Volumes 4 – 7 on “Journey”) and are now questioning how to live this way with the people around you. So, doing this work is so much easier when you don’t have to deal with the people around you, right? Everyone searches for the one who has the special “mute” button to keep others quiet. This book does not have that mute button, but might have some strategies to find your own voice, and most importantly, make it louder than the ones you hear every day. Relationships are important to each and every one of us. We hear we are all in this together and relationships help us to grow and learn. Yet, there is always one person, maybe more, who get under our skin and make us fret each time we see him/her. Often we remain in that struggle about this person who bothers us, even when he/she is not with us. That person does not pay rent, so he/she should not be in our head. We mistakenly believe that relationships with our lovers and the ones around us are going to make us feel better. If only we had that one special person in our life, if only we hadn’t suffered a loss, if only…we would be feeling differently. Yet, we are all responsible for our own happiness and completeness, and this section on relationships will hopefully shine a light on that, for the reader.

“Will love make me whole?” The hype of Valentine’s Day would lead you to believe that, but will it really? Ask yourself, what is love? What is love not? Have you ever defined what love is for you? What aspects of love do you really want and what aspects are hype? Love is all around us. Maybe you cannot see love; maybe the ones you expected it from were unable to show it. You owe it to yourself to read this if you feel unloved or if you feel that you are missing something.

“Who are the people like me?” You have changed, which is wonderful, but that does not guarantee that the people around you have changed. They might treat you differently because you are clearer about whom you are, but that does not guarantee that they are any clearer about who they are. This can be frustrating as you search for others to be with, because we are communal beings and want to be a part of something. At this junction, you may be wondering if you did all this work on yourself for nothing, especially if you feel ostracized. So, do you just turn around and go back to who you used to be, because wouldn’t that be easier? If you choose you, this book will support that, and propel you into further discovery. We mistakenly believe that relationships with our lovers and the ones around us are going to make us feel better. Once you have finished this section, you can move onto the following sections, which address: the environment in which you exist, and finally how to incorporate this into your world.

These sections will help you to uncover your own hidden truths about yourself, and will help you to change the way you live. When you finish this section you should then move onto the following sections, which explore: your journey, the people in your life, the environment in which you exist, and finally how to incorporate this into your world. Invest in yourself, if you are not willing to do that, don’t expect anyone else to. 

The book and series, “Energetic Invocations: A Book of Vibrational Change,” will change your way of thinking without the need of an outside Guru. This is not a self-help series, it is a self-empowerment journey. Are you frustrated with negative people, nonstop bullying, harassment and the loneliness that you feel in the world as you see it? This book and series taps into the energy within you so you can live life and be happy and fulfilled for no one else’s benefit other than your own. You are a part of the growing yet silent majority who feels the same way you do. Make your voice louder by investing in yourself. This book was designed to provide the reader with a process. You will get out of it, what you put into it. “You were meant to be you” (page 16), so isn’t it time for you to do just that?