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Energetic Invocations Series:

​A Book of Vibrational Change

Part 1 - Self

By Julie Bonetti and Susan Barbaro

Energetic Invocations: A Book of Vibrational Change Series
Part One - Self
(with potent Process This™ components)

So really, who are you? “Who I Am?” addresses you, who you are, and who you think you are. It makes you question the idea of you, including the “you” who people have labeled or claimed you to be. Diminishing society’s belief that the ego is something to be beaten down, this section also supports you embracing your ego and allowing it to speak to you. Making you ponder what thoughts and beliefs were instilled in you, this part asks you to investigate what roles you were given to play in this life. (A role being similar to a part you might be given to act in a play.) If you like your role, then this book is not for you. If this assigned role leaves you feeling sad, unhappy, guilt laden, unfulfilled and wondering how the heck you got where you are, well, then, you may benefit from this book and its process. 

“How do I exhibit self-care?” proposes that horrid question: So, are you happy? This part emphasizes the importance of self-care and what it means and doesn’t. And why do we always associate self-care with being selfish? Embracing more of the idea of the ego being an ally rather than something to be beaten down, this section also breaks down the idea of deserving.

“What is it like to be healthy?” asks what your life look like if you didn’t have that sickness/obstacle. As patients, we seem to have forgotten that the medical industry is just that, an industry, a business. It has budgets, goals, payrolls to fulfill, bills to pay and revenue goals to achieve. If we embrace that we are different than every other patient, we can open ourselves to what works best for us, and take ourselves out of the statistical average. With all the modalities available, we, with determination, can help ourselves. This chapter also looks at the business of charity, and asks if we are truly giving freely, or if we have expectations of “healing something within ourselves.” Readers beware: this part will challenge you to really look at yourself, and what you might be holding onto.

These sections will help you to uncover your own hidden truths about yourself, and will help you to change the way you live. When you finish this section you should then move onto the following sections, which explore: your journey, the people in your life, the environment in which you exist, and finally how to incorporate this into your world. Invest in yourself, if you are not willing to do that, don’t expect anyone else to. 

The book and series will change your way of thinking without the need of an outside Guru. This is not a self-help series, it is a self-empowerment journey. Are you frustrated with negative people, nonstop bullying, harassment and the loneliness that you feel in the world as you see it? This book taps into the energy within you so you can live life and be happy and fulfilled for no one else’s benefit other than your own. You are a part of the growing yet silent majority who feels the same way you do. Make your voice louder by investing in yourself. This book was designed to provide the reader with a process. You will get out of it, what you put into it. “You were meant to be you” (page 16), so isn’t it time for you to do just that? 





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