Energetic Invocations Series:

A Book of Vibrational Change


Part 2 - Journey

By Julie Bonetti and Susan Barbaro


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Energetic Invocations: A Book of Vibrational Change Series Part Two - Journey
(with potent Process This™ components)

“How do I choose to live my life?” You mean you get a choice? This section makes the assumption that you have done the work on yourself (see Volumes 1 - 3 on “Self”) and you are ready to start to look at your journey with a different perspective. Many people feel somewhat successful when they are able to make others happy, doing for others and waiting for others’ lives to be fulfilled before starting to analyze and satisfy their own. The reader is challenged to let go of pleasing others and to allow others the pleasure of their own experiences, instead. Your journey is yours, unlike anyone else’s on this planet. Do you understand how special that makes you?

It is time you learn, understand and embrace it.

“What can I create with my expertise?” What does that mean, and how do I even figure out what that is? Why do we only associate our gifts, special skills with an occupation? A person’s expertise follows them into everything they do. Once you start to expand your own definition of your expertise, well beyond society’s view, finding your expertise becomes less tricky.
And with that, you start to value you and your expertise beyond the standpoint of cash.

“What is my currency?” Is it what my hourly rate of my pay is? Not even close. Cash is KING, and he who has the most cash wins. Nobody is going to tell you that money doesn’t matter, and neither will this book. The book asks: is money all there is? Have we valued every individual based upon his/her bank account? Earlier sections asked: how do you value yourself? Your value is directly linked to your currency. Once you have a clear value of yourself, and your expertise, how do you begin to define your currency? Sounds like a trick question, and it is.

The reader is asked to value him or herself beyond the limits of cash, and this book suggests that if you solely define your currency with a cash figure, you have sold yourself short. 

“What is my level of commitment?” Commitment means many things to different people. This chapter will ask if you are committed to your reality, or to someone else’s reality. Your level of passion for yourself is questioned and you alone can answer it.

“What can my experience do for me?” Ever wonder how some people seem to always have luck on their side? College students live in fear of getting a job after graduation so they will not live on the streets, or worse, in their parents’ basement. After doing all the work that’s included in these volumes, you must be wondering what to do with all of it? You know your worth, understand your currency and now are trying to figure out how to make it fit in society. To fully conceive of all possibilities, a person needs to understand what an illusion is and what is is not, and this book will help do just that.

The book and series will change your way of thinking without the need of an outside Guru. This is not a self-help series, it is a self-empowerment journey. Are you frustrated with negative people, nonstop bullying, harassment and the loneliness that you feel in the world as you see it? This book taps into the energy within you so you can live life and be happy and fulfilled for no one else’s benefit other than your own. You are a part of the growing yet silent majority who feels the same way you do. Make your voice louder by investing in yourself. This book was designed to provide the reader with a process. You will get out of it, what you put into it. “You were meant to be you” (page 16), so isn’t it time for you to do just that? 




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