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​​Donald J. Trump:

       Do you stand with him?  

       Who does
he stand with? 

The Science and Energy Behind Trump

from The Editors at Ei Publishing 


Did President-Elect Trump win because of science?

Back in April 2016, we started investigating this by asking: “What does Donald J. Trump have over the American people?”

We utilized science principles to decipher how he was able to say what he wanted, how he wanted and to whom he wanted, and still get away with it. Our findings showed that it could just be because of how he related science concepts to his world. We found 12 scientific principles which appeared to be assisting with his momentum, analyzed what was happening around him, and by the time we reached number 12, science and energy assured us that it was a part of the race, and that it was moving with him, to a win.

By exploring Isaac Newton’s First Law of Inertia, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Schrodinger’s Cat, Einstein, Chi and seven more, our research helped to explain Mr. Trump’s continued success at persuasion. We put our candidate opinions aside and embraced the opportunity to learn from the science and energy which appeared to be supporting his movement, as he interacted with the populace and battled the establishment. We found science and energy could influence and enhance everyday interactions and relationships, and even how our world is created, on small and big scales.

From The Editors at Ei Publishing

Join the authors talking about the science & energy behind Mr. Trump!