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According to James Allen, "we are anxious to improve our circumstances, but unwilling to improve our selves." Listen as we discuss this brilliant mind and his words which debunk The Secret. Energy is always of thought, and we are a summation of our thoughts, yet can we control that? And what happens when integrating the power of thought with The Principle of Gender from "The Kybalion" by Three Initiates? It is time to elevate the woman from victim to empowered presence with, as The Kybalion says: "the Masculine and Feminine Principles in a person's mind to coordinate and act harmoniously in conjunction with each other." And to be supportive for your purpose of being exactly who you are!

"Ancient Texts - The Genealogy of Energy:" A fresh look at some old texts regarding life, energy and truths. A conversation, a discussion and an analysis, by Julie Bonetti and Susan Barbaro. Have fun with us as we discuss these books and bring the conversation into the 21st Century! Join us for a nonexpert, everyday person analysis to utilize the energy in a more powerful way. Clink on the link above or below for all podcasts.  © 2018

Ancient Texts: The Genealogy of Energy


Which Ancient Texts are the most powerful? What do they mean and how can they be interpreted? Join the lively discussion with Ei Publishing and Susan Barbaro and Julie Bonetti.

Next:​ "Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tzu, "The Yellow Emperor"  by Huangdi , Norman Vincent Peale & more!