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Ei Publishing Publishers of Thought Provoking and Out of the Ordinary Books

In producing these books, we used many resources.  We were guided to find free and discounted books and scientific articles via libraries and other venues.

We attended scientific talks and had our own intensive conversations, all of which contributed to the processing of this information and creation of these books.

We worked hard on this yet somehow we know it is not just for us. So we are sharing it with you.

We do not share your contact information.

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Ei Publishing authors write thought-provoking, out of the ordinary, and often ironic material, which might not be embraced by the so called “standard publishing venue.” Challenging perspectives and offering creative, unique and powerful stories and views, Ei Publishing authors’ writings are never hurtful, racist or hateful.

Ei Publishing authors’ books are truly out of the ordinary, and are written by thinkers, who in many cases do not fit in.

They are not written by “experts.”



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Working with energy, chakras, religion and resources such as the kabbalah is very powerful. People have access to these same resources, but nowhere will you find this analysis, except here.

Because when you pull all these resources together and look at them as a complement to each other, new thoughts and ideas open up. Studying all of them and integrating how each relates to the other takes you to a deeper level of understanding. We hope that this will allow others to experience life differently.